Portable Freezer Box: K05BS96

    The Freeze Box K05BS96 portable freezer box carrier is a large mobile refrigerated van box. This unit makes it easy for retailers to comply with existing food safety regulations and standards. Especially suited for use in mobile refrigeration applications like delivery vans, small trucks, cars, trolleys, or air cargo containers, it makes it possible to equip a vehicle with transportable refrigerators and freezers, maintaining storage temperature during transportation.

    The Freeze Box K05BS96 portable freezer box thermal carrier is sturdy, resilient, and made of high-quality fiberglass with an internal space of 80 x 42 x 49/58 inches. The compressors use R404A refrigerant and operate with different voltages, enabling 115 V AC mains operation overnight while during the day, 12V DC operation is achieved.

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